Thursday, December 3, 2009


*All vintage bags are genuine leather unless stated & it's in good condition*

Drop me an email @ sms for measurement :)

Thank U

*excellent quality without any minor defect & tagged as Bonia, worth buying*

CC : Bag A
Price : RM40
Status : Sold Aishah

*large tote chain bag*

CC : Bag B
Price : RM65
Status : Sold Rahma

CC : Bag C
Price : RM39
Status : Sold Nina

*gold chain sling bag with snake print, there's minor defect inside of the bag but it's a steal*

CC : Bag D
Price : RM29
Status : Sold AImi

*strap can be open to make it more spacious*

CC : Bag E
Price : RM44
Status : Sold

CC : Bag F
Price : RM39
Status : Sold Sandra

*trendy sling bag with gold buckle & tagged as Valentino*

CC : Bag G
Price : RM54
Status : Sold

*tagged as SACHS*

CC : Bag H
Price : RM29
Status : Sold

*nice pure vintage sling bag & tagged as SACHS*

CC : Bag I
Price : RM34
Status : Sold Nadia

*can removed the strap to use as a clutch, high quality PVC*

CC : Bag J
Price : RM29
Status : Sold

CC : Bag K
Price : RM40
Status : Sold

CC : Bag L
Price : RM44
Status : Reserved

*tagged as Carlo Rino*

CC : Bag M
Price : RM30
Status : Sold

CC : Bag N
Price : RM29
Status : Available

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